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Welcome! This is a community for people in serious relationships - engaged, married, dating with the intention of being together forever, etc. It's a place to share stories and pictures, get & give advice, and participate in fun community events, such as photo contests, Member of the Month, and picture themes. If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have you!

Just add the community to your friends list and click join (in that order). There's no sense in joining if you don't watch the entries. When we see that you've done this, you'll be approved! You then have 1 week to post your introduction post. We're looking forward to meeting you!


Simply copy/paste the survey into a new post as soon as you're approved for membership. Also, when posting, please put your names in the title.

This is a rating community. After your request to join is approved and you've posted this survey, our members will vote on you. You will not be judged on looks or length of relationship- this is not one of those rating communities. This is just a way for us to filter new people coming into the community.

Your application will be given a final vote based on the total votes by members within a couple of days. Do NOT ask us how long it's going to be. We'll get to it as soon as we can. In the mean time, please do not post anything else or comment on any other entries. Once you're approved, you're free to vote on others applications, participate in themes, or anything you wish!

MEMBERS: Please do not vote on any applicant based on the LENGTH OF RELATIONSHIP. If you're only voting on "The honeymoon stage" or "you're only together for a few months" you will be banned or given a strike, depending on what is said. Please only vote based on the relationship itself. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to ask on the members only post before clicking join, or message either Kristin or Dena, the mods of the community!

Post as many pictures as you like, up to 10. And for anyone who doesn't know, the code for pictures is <img src="">.


1. ADD the community first. If you don't, you will be declined.
2. POST your introduction survey within 7 days of being accepted.
3. DO NOT comment anywhere prior to acceptance.


Kristin (happygolucky88)- MAIN MOD
dating Steven since 08.14.05
engaged since 04.15.12

Dena (muffledlaugh)- CONTEST MOD




NOVEMBER 2007;; lovenicole
JANUARY 2008;; marionette
MAY 2008;; love_sarac
SEPTEMBER 2008;; o_suzanna
OCTOBER 2008;; luckygal813
DECEMBER 2008;; stardust122181
JANUARY 2009;; tumblegirl2007
FEBRUARY 2009;; chadamsbox
MARCH 2009;; courtness16
MAY 2009;; dorrkk
JUNE 2009;; pink_engine
JULY 2009;; oh_muffy
AUGUST 2009;; c0rby
MARCH 2010;; courtness16
APRIL 2010;; sheisaeval
MAY 2010;; xxcutie182xx
JULY 2010;; academyofmine
AUGUST 2010;; sheisaeval
OCTOBER 2010;; x_crash_into_me
DECEMBER 2010;; courtness16
FEBRUARY 2011;; pink_engine
MARCH 2011;; courtness16
APRIL 2011;; oh_muffy
MAY 2011;; c0rby
JULY 2011;; courtness16
OCTOBER 2011;; xxcutie182xx
NOVEMBER 2011;; courtness16
DECEMBER 2011;; glitterable
FEBRUARY 2012;; luckygal813
MARCH 2012;; courtness16
APRIL 2012;; vsuclaribnl

2010 : courtness16
2011 : pink_engine


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